Psychological Assessment & Evaluation

Chrysostom mental health services offers a wide range of psychological assessment and evaluation services, utilizing current, reliable, and valid instruments to assist in obtaining accurate and helpful results.  Data from these instruments can be utilized for identifying needs and subsequent referrals, guiding other healthcare providers in developing and implementing appropriate interventions, assisting with legal issues, directing career and educational planning, assessing the effect and presence of a variety of disorders, aiding in important decision making, and other purposes.


Neuropsychological Assessment

Chrysostom offers neuropsychological assessment services to assess the cognitive, behavioral, and functional effects of a variety of conditions and situations, including: concussion, traumatic brain injury, stroke, epilepsy, diseases of the nervous system (meningitis, encephalitis, etc.), Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, exposure to neurotoxins (lead, alcohol, inhalents, etc.), and post neurosurgery.


Psychoeducational & Vocational Assessment

Chrysostom offers psychoeducational and vocational evaluation services to individuals, schools, and colleges to assist in situations as diverse as: assessing school and college readiness; determining academic and intellectual giftedness; assessing learning, speech, and language skills and deficits or disabilities; deciding if accommodations are needed for standardized tests; determining the presence of behaviors which interfere with school and vocational performance; vocational and career interest, selection, and planning; and disability documentation for college.


Diagnostic Assessment

Diagnostic assessment is for profiling the symptom presentation of clients, ruling out particular disorders and conditions, understanding the interaction between particular disorders, identifying treatment approaches, and determining possible barriers to and the proper course of effective intervention. Chrysostom employs a variety of tests and methods for clarifying: mood swings and emotional reactivity; depression, anxiety, and fear; anger control, fighting, and delinquent behavior; attention and concentration problems; social and relational difficulties; substance use and risky behavior; the effects of trauma and abuse; and bizarre and unusual behaviors.    


Developmental Assessment

A developmental assessment is a structured evaluation of your child's development (physical, linguistic, social, and emotional) and factors which are impeding or strengthening this process.  Developmental assessment is utilized to understand and/or determine the: effects of maternal infections and complications after birth; impact of exposure to neurotoxins, such as alcohol and lead; impact of genetic and chromosomal disorders; the presence of an autistic spectrum disorder; presence of early cognitive and intellectual deficiencies; the effects of low birth weight or premature birth; impact of prolonged high fever; presence of specific delays in speech, language, and motor skills. 


Immigration & Naturalization Evaluations

Psychological evaluations are increasingly utilized for the purposes of immigration and naturalization processes.  Chrysostom can provide these services for situations such as: N-648 English and civics test waivers, political asylum cases involving trauma and abuse, deportation which may result in extreme or exceptional hardship, mental health and substance use clearance for naturalization, and domestic/spousal abuse waivers. We provide affordable consultations to determine the presence of risk factors that could impede legal naturalization, which could potentially save thousands of dollars and emotional heartache.  All our evaluations incorporate the results of objective psychological measures in order to make informed recommendations that can strengthen a client's case.


Adoption & Dependency Court Evaluations

Chrysostom offers evaluations of children and prospective adoptive parents for private and public adoption agencies. Many adoption agencies require parents to undergo a psychological evaluations as part of the adoption process. Furthermore, we provide these services for the dependency court system to determine caregiver risk for substance use, propensity for violence and abuse, mental disorder, environmental and life stress, and parenting skills.