Fee Schedule

We ask our clients to please pay for each service at the time it is delivered, whether you’re paying via insurance, an insurance copay, or paying for our full fee out-of-pocket.  For assessment and evaluation services, a written estimate of time/cost will be provided and payment for that estimate will occur prior to conducting the services.  We accept only accept checks and do NOT accept  cash.  Any alternative payment or fee arrangements must be worked out before the end of our first meeting.  The fee schedule is listed below.  While our fees are subject to change, we will always give you advanced notice of any changes so that we can address any concerns that you may have.  Further fee and billing related details are discussed in our Information for Clients document. 

  • Assessment & evaluation - $150/hr

  • Psychological evaluations - $150/hr

  • Research & evaluation - $150/hr

  • Psychotherapy offered through LiveHealthOnline.com - see fee structure on website