Catholic Therapy & Assessment

Dr.  Jason Miller utilizes his assessment and counseling skills to help individuals with the moral and sacramental life of their faith, particularly marriage, sexuality, family life, Holy Orders, and religious vocations.   In keeping within the boundaries of his scope of his training, Dr. Miller provides these ministerial services to those individuals, couples, and families who are members of and are receiving or preparing to receive the Sacraments/Mysteries through the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Oriental Orthodox Churches. 


Pre-marital assessment, counseling, and preparation:  A one size fits all approach to marriage preparation doesn't work.  With a 42% divorce rate, parishes must be prepared to respond to the diverse needs of couples.  Couples seeking preparation come from a variety of backgrounds and situations that can place their marriages at varying levels of risk: divorced parents, cohabitation, poor connection to their faith, challenging extended family situations, etc.  Chrysostom Mental Health Services utilizes the Prepare-Enrich Assessment, which predicts with 85% accuracy whether a marriage will fail.  While not predicting perfectly, Prepare-Enrich offers a high level of accuracy that can help to triage the appropriate preparation method - the traditional group approach, one to one preparation, or intensive marital counseling. 


Marriage assessment, counseling, & enrichment:  Chrysostom also offers the Prepare-Enrich Assessment for married couples who are having conflict or simply wish to enrich their healthy marriages.  The results of Prepare-Enrich are then used to guide and direct the marital counseling or enrichment process so that interventions are tailored to the couple.       


Family counseling: Marriages are complex, families even more so.  When a couple marries, the joining of two families sometimes causes issues to arise.  This is multiplied even further for blended, mixed religious, and culturally diverse families.  When these family issues significantly impact a marriage, it is time to get everyone involved in counseling.  Family counseling can involve the couple's children, stepchildren, and parents - whoever is necessary to fix the situation.  


Annulment & post-annulment counseling: The annulment process often brings up many unresolved issues for individuals.  Feelings of fear, anger, guilt, and abandonment are all normal, but too often negatively affect one's faith and lead to more problems if a new marriage is sought.  Indeed, second marriages have a 67% of divorce.  When children are involved, they too may become overwhelmed by their own feelings and act out, getting the process of blending a family off to a rocky start.  Many times people avoid dealing with these feelings only to have them emerge during the awkward and already stressful time of preparing for a new marriage.  Chrysostom Mental Health Services offers annulment and post annulment services which includes assessment and counseling.  In addition, Dr. Miller can complete the paperwork for emotionally difficult annulment cases in order to integrate counseling with the annulment process.   Though stressful, annulments present a great opportunity for renewal, reconciliation, and resolution.   


Psychological assessment of clergy, ministers, and religious:  Chrysostom Mental Health Services offers candidate/vocational and fitness-for-duty psychological assessments of individuals in religious formation.  Many assessment providers utilize measures and methodologies that are outdated, culturally inappropriate, and excessively long. Chrysostom Mental Health Services utilizes the most current tools in order to reduce the chance that genuine spiritual experiences are not pathologized, direct interventions to help psychologically prepare an individual for a vocation, and help address the needs of diverse religious communities. Furthermore, Dr. Miller can assist in determining spiritual readiness for a vocation, and integrate those observations into the assessment.


Pornography addiction: Addiction to pornography is among the top problems that priests hear in confession.  It is affects men, women, teens, and children, and it destroys marriages and families.  Few counselors and therapists in the secular world acknowledge that pornography is a problem or are able to intervene.  Even fewer are able to do so from the lens of the Christian faith and the Theology of the Body.  Chrysostom Mental Health Services offers individual, couples, family, and group counseling that integrates Christian spirituality, principles of addiction and recovery, and traditional supportive interventions.